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The Baby Unit

The Baby Unit is designed to offer a calming and relaxed atmosphere coupled with a loving and caring child carer relationship. Even at this age babies are introduced to aspects of the curriculum including painting, singing and floor play. All babies are stimulated with a variety of soft play, books, musical equipment and moving colourful objects.

Classroom 1

In the Nursery Room children aged 18 months are introduced to language, expanding on their vocabulary, whilst encouraging the expansion of their social and developmental skills. Here they sing, dance, jump, paint, glue, sit, share, play and enjoy happy hours with other young children.

Classroom 2

Children aged between 2½ - 3 years begin to show their independence, wanting ‘to do everything themselves’. Expression is becoming clearer and dexterity is becoming more skilful. We encourage this self-discovery with gentle guidance, offering encouragement and praise which, in turn, builds up self-confidence and further development. Social relationships are nurtured and imagination is explored.

Classroom 3

Children from 3 years upwards become members of Classroom 3, the pre School room. At this level language skills are developed with the use of the phonic alphabet and the recognition of the written word. In the curriculum subjects are introduced to the child who is encouraged to learn the basics, subjects such as biology, history, maths, geography and science. Computer skills are introduced and foreign language learning adds an international flavour, while physical education maintains a healthy body and mind.